Jewelry is known for its lasting ability to mark sentimental moments, but there is also much fun to be had styling and gifting fine jewelry pieces to wow your loved one.

With a variety of styles and options available– from vintage or reimagined pieces to brand new ones, it can be hard to decide which piece is right for the season. If you are just beginning your fine jewelry collection or you’re adding to a decades-long tradition, our approachable guide will help you narrow your choices. 

We’ve curated our top 5 current favorite trends, which offer a little something for everyone including bold metals, bright colors, and buildable collections. Enjoy!


1. Bold Gold

From chunky chains to flat gold bands and distinct earrings, gold is having a moment right now. Its luxurious appeal pairs beautifully with fall and winter sweaters and jackets. Not to mention, its classic style makes it an excellent choice for gifting, as it can be well-loved and worn with versatility for years to come.


2. Colorful Stones

We’re seeing so much beautiful color in fine jewelry right now! The use of color brings variety and personalization to your jewelry wardrobe in both subtle and bold ways. Whether it's a birthstone or favorite color, there are many options for bringing meaning to your gifting through intentional color selections. In rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, the use of colorful gemstones is literally brightening our fall and winter style!


3. Charms and Connectors

Collecting fine jewelry is all about building as you go, and charms and connectors are a thoughtful and personal way to do this. You can add to existing pieces or start something new with the intention to add to it over time. Charms and connectors give you the flexibility to show personality and style that can evolve throughout the years.


4. Layers

“The more the merrier” is our mantra when it comes to layering your fine jewelry! Each piece tells a story with its quality metals and precious stones, and we love seeing how they interact to showcase your personality. By stacking bracelets and layering necklaces, you can create a unique look that is truly captivating, and it’s a great way to gift pieces that build on each other from season to season. 


5. Classics with a Twist

We adore the classics that never go out of style, and we love seeing new takes on old favorites. Whether using a passed-down piece and reimagining it into a more modern style, or selecting from gorgeous reiterations of classics–like this season’s popular “tennis necklace”–we’re having so much fun styling and designing jewelry that is personal and timeless–with a twist.

Let’s explore these trends together and discover which piece of jewelry will check all the boxes on your loved one’s gift list this season!